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If working apart we are a force powerful enough to destabilise our planet, surely working together we are powerful enough to save it

Sir David AttenboroughCOP26 Glasgow 2021

Why Is Sustainability Important To Us?

Providing maximum sustainability value throughout our work procedures, practices and product delivery will future proof our business against sustainability threats.

Setting high standards across our company in environmental responsibility and stakeholder wellbeing will ensure the competitiveness, longevity and credibility of our brand into the future.

In line with the EU Green Deal, it will enable Modubuild to develop further in a resource efficient, competitive economy that’s fair and inclusive for every individual and region.

Pillars Of Sustainability


These factors refer to Modubuild’s environmental impact(s) and risk management practices. These include our direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, management of natural resources, waste and Asgard’s overall resilience against future climate risks


This focuses on Modubuild’s relationship with its various stakeholders ranging from workers to suppliers and customers. Outside the company’s walls it reflects the impact of Modubuild on the communities in which it operates from group community initiatives to individual volunteerism.


This pillar looks at how Modubuild is led and managed, from diversity to business ethics and accountability. This includes how leadership’s incentives are aligned with the expectations of the individual stakeholders and how their rights are viewed and honoured

Modubuilds Vision for our Planet


Our business has a long-term commitment to reducing energy consumption, as we cut our reliance on fossil fuels. We aim to reduce our greenhouse gas emission by 30% by 2030 across Scope One and Two, with an overall target of achieving Net Zero by 2050 or before. We aim to use science-based targets and precise data capturing ton understand our real contribution to climate change reduction, managing our  progress towards a de-carbonised economy for the future.


We understand the risks to the resources we rely upon and so we take steps to conserve, capture and repurpose. We will explore and assess the feasibility of water storage and its repurposing across our office and manufacturing sites, while educating staff on responsible consumption of our valuable resources


As a result of our activities, waste is produced as our premises. |Waste must always be segregated into the correct streams, and employees educated on the importance of recycling to reduce the amount of waste to landfill. We strive to reduce not only the amount of waste but also in recycling through responsible consumption and conservations with our main supplier.. We seek to eliminate the majority of our waste in the future from the design process


As a key indicator of a healthy environment, we recognize our potential in actively playing a role in the conservation, promotion and restoration of biodiversity in our locality. We are fully committed to restoring biodiversity locally in line with recognised organisation and strategies, while collaborating with our industries and community partnership to achieve maximum impact

Modubuilds Vision For Our People

Health and Wellbeing

We promote a holistic, whole organizational approach to health and wellbeing, leading to a healthier, happier , and more engaged workforce. Wellbeing is positioned and recognized as a primary driver of performance and productivity. We want to ensure that our workplace is an enticing one for both physical health and mental wellbeing. We ensure that our Health and Wellness support is proactive and preventive rather than solely reactive and crisis management driven. In line with our Social Pillar of Sustainability, we align with community based support groups where possible.


We strive to raise the awareness among our colleagues, communities, customers, and suppliers on how we can have a positive impact on our respective communities. We are keen to play a role in encouraging, shaping, and delivering experience and learning in our community. Collaborations with local groups and stakeholders are a key element to our success in this area.

Education and Development

We strive to provide decent work opportunities, both for our direct and indirect workforce that offers both security and a fair income. We advocate leadership at all levels of business, the idea being that irrespective of where an employee sits within the business, they have a responsibility to contribute to the business performing in a responsible manner.
We understand how the dynamic nature of work can affect both our business processes and individual workers, and so we take action to support our employees. We support and promote employees at all levels, undertaking Continued Professional Development. We recognize that diversity among our employees is a key factor to our future Sustainability success.

Modubuilds Vision for our Prosperity

Ethical Business

Our employee Handbook openly sets out the expectations for its staff when conductive affairs relating to the company and their job within. All staff bear a responsibility to act as ambassadors for the company in terms of their general conduct both within and outside the organization. We operate as an Ethical and Responsible entity with a strict Anti-bribery and Corruption policy in line with The Protected Disclosures Act 2014 as amended by the Protected Disclosures (amendment) Act 2022, Prevention of Corruption Act 2010 and statutory instruments of the Criminal Justice system.

We recognize that to achieve a working environment, in which team-spirit and commitment to company goals and ethical values are maintained, we all have a duty to ensure employees  are protected and treated fairly with dignity and respect.

Gender Equality

In a traditionally male dominated sphere, we are continuously striving to develop a more diverse and inclusive work environment while building awareness at all levels of our organization. Our workforce includes a substantial number of female employees, and as a result, we acknowledge the significance of all gender-related matters. We firmly believe that we can play an important role in the advancement of gender equity

Recruitment and Diversity

Diversity is a key component of sustainability, innovation, and longevity of a brand. We believe that embracing equity and diversity is the workplace benefits not only our brand but also individual employees, teams, and our community. Our employees bring their own background, work style, distinct capabilities , experience and characteristics to their work. We recognize that our talented and diverse workforce reflects the diversity of our customers and community at large.